02 Da Naughty Naughty

02 Da Naughty Naughty
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Hip Hop/Rap
Year activate

02 Da Naughty Naughty  Biography

02 Da Naughty Naughty

O2 Coming from a broken home and the last of five kids, O2 has been to hell and back. As an African, not living in a welfare state means “you got to go out and get it if you want it”. Nothing in life is ever free. Leaving his humble beginnings and coming to the UK in 2001, O2 had and still has BIG dreams. O2 draws inspiration from his personal experience and those of people around him. O2 is a well rounded individual who believes that you keep growing and die the day you stop to grow.

“Playa Hate” is 02’s much awaited debut single in a long line of hit tracks. A multi-talented individual, O2 is destined for stardom. So how big does O2 want to be? Very BIG and very rich so that I can give back to those that need me the most. So when you buy this single, you are actually doing a wonderful deed for the needy.

“Playa hate” highlights one aspect of O2 true life story and personality. There’s a lot more to come. O2 has learnt from life experiences and those of others that “you have to stay true to no one but yourself”. Just as O2 draws inspiration from others, he would love to continue to inspire a lot of young people to follow their dreams (or at least have one). Between 2002 and 2008, O2 worked (as a detached youth worker in Manchester) while juggling a full time Job.

O2 has spent years perfecting his musical skills but also in teaching the skills to a lot of young people who have a willingness to learn. O2 was involved in the success story of K L (a regular teenager who didn’t really believe that there was a reason to try to succeed in life) who is now studying to be a sound engineer. O2 is not trying to take credit for K L’s success but glad that he was able to inspire K L to aspire to do better for himself. “I’m inspired by the best, aspire to be the best” Just another one of O2’s lines. O2’s musical influences are:- Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Third world, Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, Special ED, Positive K, Geto Boys, Notorious BIG, 2PAC, Jay Z, NAS…The list goes on and on but O2 hopes that his name will (one day) finds its way somewhere into the list of names above.

Produced by: Stevie Nash

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